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I’ve come to the end of my 40 day alcohol free challenge and I wish I’d done it a long time ago! I’d always listened to mates who had tried giving up booze for a month or so and each one of them would tell how me how good they felt. 

So after a very indulgent christmas I decided I needed to avoid the booze for a while, with the growing popularity of dry January it meant that there were plenty of other people in the same boat. If I’m honest I was at first a bit worried about not being able to socialise with my mates as much, not being able to have a few pints with them at the weekend I thought would be difficult. Well I can report back that it wasn’t an issue at all because most of the guys were giving dry January a go too. It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it and I’m super proud of myself for completing the 40 days.

Here are somethings that changed when I gave up the booze:

Better Sleep

This was a huge benefit from giving up the booze! Before I would take one or two melatonin tablets before bed to help me drift off to sleep but after a week of no booze I didn’t touch the pack, falling asleep was easy and the quality of sleep was so so good. Having an uninterrupted sleep has so many benefits because you have so much more energy and you’re mind is well rested – it also gets rid of those tired looking eyes in the morning!

Weight Loss

The amount of sugar in alcohol is pretty staggering, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the myth that a gin and tonic is great for people on a diet, well it actually has 4 teaspoons of sugar in it – that’s over a third of our daily allowance! I used to love a cold cider in the summer sitting in a pub garden but I’ll be giving those a myth now because I learnt they have five teaspoons of sugar per pint. With these figures alone it is easy to see why you’ll lose weight if you give up the booze. Then you will also have the added bonuses of better teeth and energy levels.

Looking Good

When you feel good from the above benefits you will also start to look better too. We’ve all had a heavy night out and woke up looking like something from a horror movie with huge bags under our eyes. Alcohol is well known for being an enemy of a healthy complexion. Booze will make your skin red as well as blotchy and it will also make you look puffy faced. My skin was so much healthier after a couple of weeks because I wasn’t as dehydrated and it was a lot less dry. Giving up booze longterm will help you look younger too, alcohol slows cell renewal and will speed up the ageing process no end.

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